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5 fun facts about me

I was born and raised in Shanghai, spent 2 years studying in NYC, and recently moved to Toronto. My diverse background has instilled in me the ability to see things from various angles, allowing me to approach challenges with creativity and adaptability.

I studied Interactive Media Arts (IMA) with a Computer Science minor at NYU. I firmly believe that meaningful experiences have the power to inspire us to discover ourselves, reflect on our society, and make confident decisions. Holding that belief, I explored various areas, including installations, wearables, videos, VR, AR, web-based games, and data visualizations.

I have a solid background in motion graphics and animation. I worked with  ↳Adam Brandenburg  and animated his  ↳Game Theory mini-course series  at NYU Shanghai.

I continuously curate a  ↳collection  of the best designers, studios, and agencies that I have come across. I share this collection with the design community on Twitter, and I am thrilled to see how it has inspired others.

Designing my own apartment has been a lifelong dream, and in late 2022, that dream became a reality. Over the course of three months, I designed and refurnished a 310 sqft. studio. You can check out the design in  ↳Spline  and the actual outcome  ↳here                     .

→ My Tech Stack

Figma / Spline / Adobe / Notion - btw I'm Notion certified / HTML / CSS/ P5.js / Webflow - I built most websites with Webflow / ChatGPT / Midjourney


Orpetron Jury

Dec 21

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Dec 21

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Nov 21

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Nov 21

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Nov 21